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With/Out is a split black curved structure separated from the viewer who cannot enter but is invited to walk onto the delicate plaster floor and with their steps intervene and crack the floor; creating more breaks and more dust. The noise of the cracking underfoot is a way of accessing what is underneath, the bullet has been fired; we are now left with the debris.

I am presenting a piece perhaps as a latent reference to photography. Painted in blackboard paint to ground the piece in my childhood learning my a,b,c’s in chalk in the classroom on the blackboard. Black is also used as a visceral reaction to my childhood when my grandmother wore black for a decade. Black-and-white combined takes me into the frightening arena of the propaganda I experienced in monochrome of the Islamic revolution. The white dried plaster debris floor of the With/Out are the bones and the antique. The matt paint and the plaster floor are devoid of any moisture or light. Gone dusty forgotten and past.