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The Trout

I am communicating that confiding one’s difficulties to a confidante in the space of safety can bring an understanding of oneself, however, looking back at the past method of confessional it was a dated, complex ritual steeped in silence and trauma, even more so in the 1980s when it became a symbol of the abuse of power.

I am asking the viewer if the removal of this decorated heavy shape from the crevices of the church still holds its mystery and power? Moving the structure away from the wall, I no longer cast the penitent in shadow - a symbol of the turmoil and the difficulties we face when coming to terms with ourselves when confessional is performed under the shelter of anonymity. I wish to reveal the invisible within the visible, the intangible contained in the tangible inside a container of memories and of hidden secrets. Opening up the back of the confessional serves as a metaphor for the visibility of secrets.