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There is a constant theme in my work of crossing over a threshold from the lightness on the outside going into darkness on the inside. I am exploring how theoretically and physically meaning can be revealed in the dark space. In my work, darkness is where enlightenment comes. My works are about revered spaces that have been violated. I explore the loss of homeliness in different ways and different pieces; the site of death in Saying goodbye to a space, 2019, the sphere of motherhood in The Dressing of an Octopus 2020, the broken home in Bullet Hole, Beirut 2010 and what our perception of confession is in the 21st Century in Confession, 2021. When my mother died at home, the family home was instantly dismantled and violated. Notwithstanding her physical loss, the psychological discomfort in the changed role of the family home made it unhomely and the site of farewell. In Kingston Tower, 2000, I explored the site of a middle-class modern building under construction dismantling a 120,000-slum community and I address the themes of the violation of family in my crypt in Teheran.

In these spaces I question the notion of what family and the spaces of home are when they become disrupted and present a narrative in different ways, using various materials."